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E & D Entertainment Karaoke SongBook

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Title Artist
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Artist Title Song #
Ian, Janis At 17 SGB21-12
Ides Of March Vehicle SGB34-15
Iglesias, Enrique Bailamos KPP3-01-7
Iglesias, Enrique Be With You SGB38-7
Iglesias, Enrique Hero SGB66-9
Iglesias, Enrque Sad Eyes BS0107-7
Iglesias, Julio A Veces Tu A Veces BS4717-9
Iglesias, Julio Abrazame BS4717-10
Ikettes, The Peaches N' Cream SAVP40-13
Imbruglia, Natalie Torn KPP3-08-14
Imbruglia, Natalie Torn SGB11-14
Incubus Drive SGB65-11
Indigo Swing Indigo Swing, The SGB07-10
Ingram, James How Do You Keep The Music Playing BS4117-5
Ingram, James Just Once SGB57-3
Ingram, James Just Once KPP08-6
Ingram, James Just Once BS5317-13
Ingram, James Just Once SAVP41-15
Ingram, James Somewhere Out There BS5317-8
Ingram, James Whatever We Imagine BS5317-15
INXS Suicide Blonde SGB34-9
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida SAVP22-10
Isley Brothers, The Between The Sheets SAVP25-2
Isley Brothers, The Spend The Night SAVP38-16

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