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Artist Title Song #
Macgregor, Mary Torn Between Two Lovers SGB58-4
Made In London Shut Your Mouth SGB46-3
Madonna American Pie BS6517-1
Madonna American Pie SGB38-5
Madonna American Pie KPP3-11-17
Madonna Borderline BS6517-7
Madonna Borderline SGB58-9
Madonna Borderline KPP3-07-11
Madonna Crazy For You SAVP33-8
Madonna Crazy For You BS6517-9
Madonna Crazy For You KPP06-14
Madonna Crazy For You KPP3-10-16
Madonna Don't Cry For Me Argentina BS6517-4
Madonna Don't Cry For Me Argentina KPP3-03-17
Madonna Express Yourself SAVP22-6
Madonna Frozen BS6517-12
Madonna Frozen KPP3-10-20
Madonna I'll Remember BS6517-10
Madonna I'll Remember KPP3-09-12
Madonna La Isla Bonita SAVP14-3
Madonna La Isle Bonita SGB32-12
Madonna Like A Prayer SAVP09-15
Madonna Like A Virgin SAVP14-1
Madonna Like A Virgin KPP3-09-7
Madonna Like A Virgin BS6517-8
Madonna Like A Virgin KPP08-9
Madonna Material Girl SAVP14-5
Madonna Music SGB46-7
Madonna Open Your Heart SAVP14-2
Madonna Papa Don't Preach SAVP14-4
Madonna Rain BS4817-4
Madonna Ray Of Light BS6517-2
Madonna Ray Of Light KPP3-10-19
Madonna Sooner Or Later BS6517-6
Madonna Swim BS6517-3
Madonna This Used To Be My Playground SAVP22-16
Madonna True Blue SAVP21-1
Madonna Vogue KPP10-14
Madonna You Must Love Me BS6517-5
Madonna You Must Love Me KPP3-08-5
Madonna You'll See BS6517-11
Madonna You'll See KPP3-11-15
Magneto Sugar Sugar BS4717-12
Main Ingredient Just Don't Want To Be Lonely SGB51-15
Mamas & The Papas, The California Dreamin' KPP03-14
Mamas & The Papas, The California Dreamin' SAVP11-17
Man Of La Mancha Impossible Dream KPP3-11-1
Manchester, Melissa Don't Cry Out Loud KPP2-10-7
Mandrell, B. & D. Houston After Closing Time SAVA09-4
Mandrell, Barbara One Of A Kind, Pair Of Fools SAVA11-10
Manhattan Transfer Boy From New York City, The KPP3-07-9
Manilow, Barry Can't Smile Without You KPP2-09-11
Manilow, Barry Copacabana SAVP34-1
Manilow, Barry Copacabana SGB35-12
Manilow, Barry Copacabana KPP2-07-16
Manilow, Barry Even Now SGB57-10
Manilow, Barry I Write The Songs KPP12-12
Manilow, Barry Some Kind Of Friend SAVP32-12
Manilow, Barry Somewhere In The Night KPP3-05-7
Manilow, Barry Trying To Get The Feeling Again SGB22-12
Manilow, Barry Weekend In New England KPP3-12-9
Manilow, Barry Who Put The Bomp KPP2-02-8
Mann, Barry Who Put The Bomp SAVP28-2
Mann, Barry Who Put The Bomp SGB55-4
Mann, Manfred Do Wah Diddy KPP09-8
Marc Anthony You Sang To Me SGB42-11
Marcy Playground Sex & Candy KPP3-07-6
Marcy Playground Sex And Candy SGB08-8
Margaret, Anne Bye Bye Birdie SAVP12-10
Marino, Frank King Bee/Back Door Man SGB27-8
Mark, Christian & Mysterians 96 Tears SGB55-5
Marley, Bob I Shot The Sheriff KPP3-09-11
Marmalade Reflections Of My Life SGB51-3
Marshall Tucker Band, The 24 Hours At A Time KPP3-06-8
Marshall, Amanda Birmingham BS3917-1
Marshall, Amanda This Could Take All Night KPP3-12-6
Marshall, Amanda This Could Take All Night SGB21-7
Martha & The Vandellas Dancing In The Streets KPP03-10
Martika I Feel The Earth Move SAVP25-10
Martin, Dean Everybody Loves Somebody KPP01-16
Martin, Dean Imagination SGB59-3
Martin, Dean Little Old Wine Drinker Me SGB37-7
Martin, Dean Memories Are Made Of This BS4317-12
Martin, Dean Return To Me KPP2-11-9
Martin, Dean That's Amore SGB37-1
Martin, Dean That's Amore BS4317-6
Martin, Dean Volare BS4317-4
Martin, Dean Volare KPP2-05-14
Martin, Dean You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You KPP2-02-3
Martin, Ricky Be Careful SGB13-1
Martin, Ricky Bella SGB13-2
Martin, Ricky I Am Made Of you SGB13-3
Martin, Ricky I Count The Minutes SGB13-4
Martin, Ricky La Copa De La Vida SGB13-5
Martin, Ricky La Copa De La Vida KPP3-11-19
Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca KPP01-1
Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca SAVP18-3
Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca SGB13-6
Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca (Spanish) SGB13-7
Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca (spanish) KPP3-04-14
Martin, Ricky Loaded BS0109-1
Martin, Ricky Love You For a Day SGB13-8
Martin, Ricky Private Emotion SGB13-9
Martin, Ricky Shake Your Bon Bon SGB13-10
Martin, Ricky She Bangs BS0106-1
Martin, Ricky She's All I Ever Had SGB13-11
Martin, Ricky Spanish eyes SGB13-12
Martin, Ricky You Stay With Me SGB13-13
Martin, Ricky & Christina Aguilera Nobody Wants To Be Lonely SGB53-4
Martin, Ricky & Christina Aquilera Nobody Wants To Be Lonely BS3717-12
Martino, Al Spanish Eyes SGB59-11
Marvelettes, The Please Mr. Postman KPP2-09-8
Marx, Groucho Tatooed Lady SAVP40-11
Marx, Richard Satisfied SGB05-7
Marx, Richard Satisfied KPP3-04-15
Mason, Dave We Just Disagree SGB22-1
Master P Kenny's Dead SGB12-11
Matchbox 20 Bent SGB42-10
Matchbox 20 If You're Gone BS0108-4
Matchbox 20 If You're Gone SGB53-8
Mathis, Johnny Certain Smile, A SAVP30-4
Mathis, Johnny Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me KPP2-06-7
Mathis, Johnny Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me SAVP30-8
Mathis, Johnny Last Time I Felt Like This, The BS4117-6
Mathis, Johnny Too Much Too Little Too Late BS4117-9
Mathis, Johnny Twelfth Of Never, The SGB59-12
Mathis, Johnny Twelfth Of Never, The KPP2-07-14
Mathis, Johnny When Sunny Gets Blue KPP2-11-10
Mathis, Johnny & Vanessa Williams Too Much Too Late KPP08-17
Mattea, Kathy Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses SAVA01-2
Mattea, Kathy Where've You Been SAVA02-3
Mavericks Here Comes The Rain SGB36-8
McBride, Martina It's My Time BS0104-3
McBride, Martina My Baby Loves Me KPP3-07-3
McBride, Martina My Baby Loves Me SAVA17-5
McBride, Martina There You Are BS0103-5
McBride, Martina Whatever You Say SGB17-14
McBride, Martina Whatever You Say KPP3-06-19
McCain, Edwin I'll Be KPP3-08-17
McCartney, Paul & Wings My Love SAVP17-8
McClain, Charly Sleepin' With The Radio On SAVA07-9
McCoys, The Hang On Sloopy KPP2-04-12
McCready, Mindy All I Want Is Everything SGB29-8
McCready, Mindy Girl's Gotta Do, A KPP2-02-2
McCready, Mindy Guys Do It All The Time KPP2-03-1
McCready, Mindy Guys Do It All the Time SGB36-10
McCready, Mindy & Roddie McDowell Maybe He'll Notice Her Now KPP2-04-6
McDowell, Ronnie Life's Little Ups and Downs SAVA04-18
McEntire, Reba Cathy's Clown SAVA01-17
McEntire, Reba Everything That You Want BS9917-1
McEntire, Reba Fancy BS9917-2
McEntire, Reba For My Broken Heart BS9917-4
McEntire, Reba For Yourself BS9917-3
McEntire, Reba I'd Rather Ride Around With You KPP2-10-18
McEntire, Reba It's Your Call BS9917-6
McEntire, Reba One Honest Heart SGB17-8
McEntire, Reba One Honest Heart KPP3-03-16
McEntire, Reba Rumor Has It BS9917-5
McEntire, Reba She Thinks His Name Was John SAVA19-3
McEntire, Reba She Thinks His Name Was John KPP2-03-6
McEntire, Reba Silly Me BS9917-7
McEntire, Reba Somebody Should Leave BS9917-8
McEntire, Reba Starting Over Again SGB36-12
McEntire, Reba Sunday Kind Of Love BS9917-9
McEntire, Reba Take It Back KPP3-12-7
McEntire, Reba Til Love Comes Again SAVA05-17
McEntire, Reba Till You Love Me BS9917-10
McEntire, Reba We're So Good Together BS0100-8
McEntire, Reba Whoever's In New England SAVA14-4
McEntire, Reba Why Haven't I Heard From You KPP2-02-13
McEntire, Reba You Lie KPP2-02-16
McEntire, Reba & Vince Gill Heart Won't Lie, The KPP3-03-11
McGraw, Tim I Like It, I Love It BS4517-10
McGraw, Tim Please Remember Me SGB17-12
McGraw, Tim Please Remember Me KPP3-07-16
McGraw, Tim Things Change BS0105-5
McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill It's Your Love BS2917-5
McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill It's Your Love KPP2-06-17
McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill Let's Make Love BS2917-6
McKenzie, Scott San Francisco SAVP01-8
McKnight, Brian 6-8-12 SGB45-13
McKnight, Brian On The Down Low KPP3-03-19
McLachlan, Sarah Adia SGB08-4
McLachlan, Sarah Adia KPP3-06-16
McLachlan, Sarah Angel Eyes SGB11-3
McLachlan, Sarah Building A Mystery SGB32-2
McLachlan, Sarah I Will Remember You SGB18-16
McLachlan, Sarah Ice Cream SGB30-7
McLachlan, Sarah Sweet Surrender SGB08-16
McLean, Don American Pie KPP04-1
Meatloaf Rock & Roll Dreams Come True SAVP41-6
Meatloaf Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad SAVP20-6
Meatloaf Two Out Of three Ain't Bad SGB39-10
Medeiros, Glenn Nothing's Gonna Change My Love BS3817-6
Medley, Bill Brown Eyed Woman SAVP28-12
Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes Time Of My Life KPP08-15
Melako Pure Pleasure Seeker SGB46-13
Melanie C I Turn To You BS0106-7
Mellencamp, John Cougar Hurt So Good KPP2-02-15
Men At Work It's A Mistake SAVP24-13
Men At Work Overkill SAVP25-12
Merman, Ethel Everything's Coming Up Roses KPP3-02-8
Merman, Ethel There's No Business Like Show Business SGB50-7
Merrill, Helen You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To SAVP12-12
Messina, Jo Dee Burn BS0104-4
Messina, Jo Dee Heads Carolina Tails California SGB36-13
Messina, Jo Dee Lesson In Leaving, A SGB17-7
Metallica I Disappear SGB42-17
Michael, George Bad Boys BS8117-1
Michael, George Careless Whisper BS8117-2
Michael, George Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me BS8117-9
Michael, George Edge Of Heaven, The BS8117-3
Michael, George Everything She Wants BS8117-4
Michael, George Faith SAVP09-8
Michael, George Faith BS8117-10
Michael, George Father Figure BS8117-11
Michael, George Heartbeat BS8117-5
Michael, George I Want Your Sex SAVP41-9
Michael, George I Want Your Sex BS8117-12
Michael, George I'm Your Man BS8117-6
Michael, George Kissing A Fool SGB57-1
Michael, George Kissing A Fool BS8117-13
Michael, George Like A Baby BS8117-7
Michael, George Monkey SAVP09-9
Michael, George One More Try BS8117-14
Michael, George Praying For Time BS8117-15
Michael, George Wake Me Up Before You Go Go BS8117-8
Michaels, Lee Do You Know What I Mean SGB52-13
Midler, Bette From A Distance KPP2-10-15
Midler, Bette Lullaby In Blue SGB11-6
Midler, Bette Rose, The KPP06-7
Midler, Bette Rose, The SAVP20-11
Midler, Bette Rose, The SAVA11-14
Midler, Bette Wind Beneath My Wings, The KPP06-9
Midler, Bette Wind Beneath My Wings, The BS5017-11
Mikaila So In Love With Two BS0109-8
Miles, Buddy & S.Lukather Purple Haze SGB31-15
Miller, Glenn Chattanooga Choo Choo KPP3-06-4
Miller, Mitch She Wore A Yellow Ribbon SAVP01-14
Miller, Roger Chug A Lug SGB41-5
Miller, Roger Dang Me SAVA05-16
Miller, Roger King Of The Road SAVP04-10
Miller, Roger King Of The Road KPP09-18
Miller, Steve Abracadabra BS6917-13
Miller, Steve Dance, Dance, Dance BS6917-11
Miller, Steve Fly Like An Eagle BS6917-9
Miller, Steve Jet Airliner BS6917-10
Miller, Steve Joker, The BS6917-8
Miller, Steve Jungle Love BS6917-2
Miller, Steve Rock 'N Me BS6917-4
Miller, Steve Serenade BS6917-5
Miller, Steve Stake, The BS6917-7
Miller, Steve Swingtown BS6917-1
Miller, Steve Take The Money And Run BS6917-3
Miller, Steve True Fine Love BS6917-6
Miller, Steve Wild Mountain Honey BS6917-14
Miller, Steve Winter Time BS6917-12
Milli Vanilli Blame It On The Rain KPP3-01-16
Mills, Stephanie Looks Like We Made It KPP2-06-15
Milsap, Ronnie Daydreams About Night Things SAVA16-13
Milsap, Ronnie Lost In The Fifties SAVA03-14
Milsap, Ronnie No Gettin' Over Me SAVA08-5
Milsap, Ronnie Stranger In My House SAVA16-14
Minelli, Liza Cabaret KPP2-02-19
Minelli, Liza Maybe This Time KPP3-10-9
Minogue, Kylie I Should Be So Lucky SAVP09-12
Minogue, Kylie I Turn It Into Love SAVP09-13
Moby South Side SGB53-9
Money, Eddy Shaking SGB05-6
Monica Angel Of Mine KPP3-11-14
Monica & Brandy Boy Is Mine, The SGB06-14
Monkees, The Day Dream Believer KPP03-12
Monkees, The Daydream Believer SAVP16-8
Monkees, The Hey Hey We're The Monkees KPP3-05-4
Monkees, The I'm A Believer SAVP16-6
Monkees, The Last Train To Clarksville SAVP16-7
Monkees, The Pleasant Valley Sunday SAVP27-17
Monkees, The Stepping Stone, (I'm Not Your) SAVP27-18
Monotones Book Of Love, The SGB56-3
Monro, Matt From Russia With Love SAVP10-17
Monroe, Marylin Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend SGB59-1
Monte, Lou Downtown Strutter's Ball, The SAVP30-12
Montgomery, John Michael Hello Love SGB17-5
Montgomery, John Michael I Love The Way That You Love Me SAVA19-13
Montgomery, John Michael I Love The Way That You Love Me KPP2-11-18
Montgomery, John Michael Sold KPP2-10-3
Montgomery, John Michael Sold (Grundy County Auction Incident) SGB36-7
Montgomery, John Michael The Little Girl BS0100-3
Montrose Rock Candy SGB25-12
Moody Blues Nights In White Satin SGB39-12
Moody Blues Tuesday Afternoon SGB34-6
Moore, Chante Love's Taken Over SAVP39-11
Moore, Gary Cold Day In Hell SGB31-2
Moore, Gary King Of The Blues SGB66-10
Moore, Gary Sky Is Crying, The SGB27-2
Moore, Gary Sky Is Crying, The KPP3-12-13
Moore, Gary Still Got The Blues SGB54-16
Morales, Michael Who Do You Give Your Love To SAVP32-5
Morgan, Debelah Dance With Me BS0109-12
Morgan, George Candy Kisses SAVA13-12
Morgan, Jane Fascination SAVP10-5
Morgan, Lorrie Dear Me SGB15-10
Morgan, Lorrie Five Minutes KPP3-06-9
Morgan, Lorrie Five Minutes SGB15-15
Morgan, Lorrie He Talks To Me SAVA03-8
Morgan, Lorrie Heart Over Mind SGB15-12
Morgan, Lorrie I Didn't Even Know My Own Strength SGB15-13
Morgan, Lorrie I Didn't Know My Own Strength SAVA17-8
Morgan, Lorrie I Didn't Know My Own Strength KPP3-05-10
Morgan, Lorrie Picture Of Me Without You, A SAVA10-6
Morgan, Lorrie Something In Red KPP2-04-11
Morgan, Lorrie Watch Me SGB36-1
Morgan, Lorrie Watch Me SGB15-14
Morgan, Lorrie What Part Of No KPP2-10-2
Morgan, Lorrie What Part of no SGB15-11
Morissette, Alanis 13 Is Uninvited SGB06-13
Morissette, Alanis Forgivin' SGB08-15
Morissette, Alanis So Pure SGB30-14
Morissette, Alanis Thank U KPP3-08-16
Morissette, Alanis Thank You SGB08-7
Morissette, Alanis Unsent SGB06-9
Morissette, Alanis You Learn SGB21-9
Morissette, Alanis You Oughta Know SGB21-3
Morris, Gary Don't Look Back SAVA11-2
Morris, Gary Wind Beneath My Wings, The SAVA01-10
Morrison, Van And It Stoned Me BS7417-10
Morrison, Van Blue Money BS7417-16
Morrison, Van Bright Side Of The Road BS7417-1
Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl BS7417-6
Morrison, Van Brown Eyed Girl KPP04-6
Morrison, Van Domino BS7417-12
Morrison, Van Full Force Gale BS7417-9
Morrison, Van Gloria BS7417-2
Morrison, Van Gloria KPP05-12
Morrison, Van Gloria KPP05-17
Morrison, Van Have I Told You Lately BS7417-5
Morrison, Van Here Comes The Night BS7417-11
Morrison, Van Moondance BS7417-3
Morrison, Van Moondance KPP05-7
Morrison, Van Please Baby Please Don't Go BS7417-4
Morrison, Van Queen Of The Slip Stream BS7417-15
Morrison, Van Sweet Thing BS7417-7
Morrison, Van Warm Love BS7417-8
Morrison, Van Whenever God Shines His Light BS7417-14
Morrison, Van Wild Night BS7417-13
Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls SGB48-12
Motley Crue Without You SGB31-10
Mr. Big To Be With You SAVP23-7
Mr. Mister Broken Wings SAVP33-7
Mullins, Shawn Lullaby In Blue (2) SGB11-12
Mumba, Samantha Always Come Back To Your Love BS0109-11
Mumba, Samantha Gotta Tell You BS0107-3
Murray, Anne Broken Hearted Me SAVP37-4
Murray, Anne Could I Have This Dance KPP07-8
Murray, Anne Could I Have This Dance SAVA05-12
Murray, Anne Just Another Woman In Me SAVP18-12
Murray, Anne Snowbird SAVA12-7
Murray, Anne You Needed Me SAVA02-2
Music Man, The Until There Was You SGB50-12
My Fair Lady Get Me To The Church On Time KPP2-01-4
My Fair Lady On The Street Where You Live SGB50-8
My Fair Lady On The Street Where You Live KPP2-08-19
Mya Case Of The Ex SGB47-13
Mya My First Night With You SGB18-13
Myles, Alannah Black Velvet KPP12-5
Myles, Alannah Black Velvet SAVA18-15

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