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E & D Entertainment Karaoke SongBook

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Title Artist
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Artist Title Song #
O'Connor, Sinead Nothing Compares 2 U SAVP33-15
O'Day, Anita Take The A Train SAVP13-11
O'Jays, The Backstabbers SAVP31-1
O'Jays, The For The Love Of Money SAVP31-7
O'Jays, The I Love Music SAVP31-11
O'Jays, The Love Train SAVP31-19
O'Jays, The Put Your Hands Together SAVP38-14
O'Jays, The Sing A Happy Song SAVP32-8
O'Jays, The Use To Be My Girl SAVP32-14
O'Keefe, Danny Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues SAVA04-13
O'Neal, Jamie There Is No Arizona BS0103-6
O'Sullivan, Gilbert Alone Again Naturally SGB51-8
O-Town Liquid Dreams BS3717-5
Oak Ridge Boys, The American Made SAVA07-15
Oak Ridge Boys, The Bobbie Sue SAVA05-3
Oak Ridge Boys, The Come On In SAVA08-9
Oak Ridge Boys, The Elvira BS5117-1
Oak Ridge Boys, The Elvira KPP02-6
Oak Ridge Boys, The Elvira SAVA01-8
Oasis Champagne Supernova BS5217-9
Oasis Cigarettes And Alcohol BS5217-10
Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger BS5217-13
Oasis Live Forever BS5217-12
Oasis Roll With It BS5217-15
Oasis Some Might Say BS5217-11
Oasis Whatever BS5217-16
Oasis Wonderwall BS5217-14
Oasis w/vocal Champagne Supernova BS5217-1
Oasis w/vocal Cigarettes And Alcohol BS5217-2
Oasis w/vocal Don't Look Back In Anger BS5217-5
Oasis w/vocal Live Forever BS5217-4
Oasis w/vocal Roll With It BS5217-7
Oasis w/vocal Some Might Say BS5217-3
Oasis w/vocal Whatever BS5217-8
Oasis w/vocal Wonderwall BS5217-6
Offspring Pretty Fly For A White Guy SGB38-11
Offspring, The Original Prankster BS0107-9
Ohio Express Yummy Yummy Yummy SGB55-15
Oliver As Long As He Needs Me KPP3-03-9
Oliver Consider Yourself SGB50-2
Orbison, Roy Blue Angel BS7017-10
Orbison, Roy Blue Bayou BS7017-11
Orbison, Roy Candy Man BS7017-12
Orbison, Roy Crying BS7017-1
Orbison, Roy Crying KPP03-1
Orbison, Roy Crying SGB51-12
Orbison, Roy Dream Baby BS7017-4
Orbison, Roy Dream Baby SAVA09-11
Orbison, Roy In My Dreams BS7017-8
Orbison, Roy It's Over BS7017-9
Orbison, Roy Oh Pretty Woman BS7017-3
Orbison, Roy Only The Lonely BS7017-2
Orbison, Roy Only The Lonely SAVA04-6
Orbison, Roy Oooby Dooby BS7017-14
Orbison, Roy Pretty Paper BS7017-6
Orbison, Roy Pretty Woman KPP09-5
Orbison, Roy Pretty Woman SAVA02-16
Orbison, Roy Ride Away BS7017-15
Orbison, Roy Running Scared BS7017-7
Orbison, Roy Sweet Dream Baby BS7017-13
Orbison, Roy You Got it BS7017-5
Orbison, Roy You Got It SAVA05-19
Orlando, Tony Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak T SGB51-18
Orlando, Tony & Dawn Bless You SAVP28-5
Osborne, Jeffrey On The Wings Of Love KPP08-5
Osborne, Jeffrey Stay With Me Tonight SAVP32-3
Osbourne, Ozzy Crazy Train SGB14-3
Osbourne, Ozzy Goodbye To Romance SGB14-12
Oslin, K.T. Come Next Monday SAVA01-13
Outkast Ms Jackson BS0109-7
Overstreet, Paul Ball And Chain SAVA06-7
Owens, Buck Act Naturally SAVP04-1
Owens, Buck Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms SAVA12-2
Owens, Buck Together Again SAVA12-1
Owens, Buck Together Again SAVA10-9
Owens, Buck & The Buckaroos Under Your Spell Again SAVA12-3
Owens, Buck & The Buckaroos Under Your Spell Again SAVA10-5

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