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Title Artist
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Artist Title Song #
Yankovic, Weird Al Achy Breaky Heart SGB23-14
Yankovic, Weird Al Addicted To Spuds SGB23-8
Yankovic, Weird Al Alimony SGB23-7
Yankovic, Weird Al Amish Paradise SGB23-9
Yankovic, Weird Al Another Rides The Bus SGB23-4
Yankovic, Weird Al Eat It SGB23-16
Yankovic, Weird Al Fat SGB23-2
Yankovic, Weird Al Grapefruit Diet SGB23-11
Yankovic, Weird Al I Want A New Duck SGB23-13
Yankovic, Weird Al Like A Surgeon SGB23-6
Yankovic, Weird Al My Bologna SGB23-3
Yankovic, Weird Al Phony Calls SGB23-15
Yankovic, Weird Al Ricky SGB23-5
Yankovic, Weird Al Saga Begins, The SGB23-1
Yankovic, Weird Al She Drives Like Crazy SGB23-10
Yankovic, Weird Al Smells Like Nirvana SGB23-12
Yankovic, Weird Al Yoda SGB23-17
Yarbrough, Glenn Baby The Rain Must Fall SAVP28-19
Yardbirds, The Heart Full Of Soul SAVP28-16
Yearwood, Trisha Believe Me Baby SGB36-15
Yearwood, Trisha Everybody Knows KPP2-10-1
Yearwood, Trisha How Do I Live KPP01-9
Yearwood, Trisha I'll Still Love You More SGB17-11
Yearwood, Trisha I'll Still Love You More KPP3-01-18
Yearwood, Trisha She's In Love With The Boy KPP3-06-15
Yearwood, Trisha She's In Love With The Boy SAVA11-15
Yearwood, Trisha That's What I Like About You BS0105-8
Yearwood, Trisha Xxx's And Ooo's (An American Girl) KPP3-06-5
Yearwood, Trisha & Don Henley Walkaway Joe SAVP22-17
Yearwood, Trisha & Garth Brooks In Another's Eyes KPP2-12-8
Yoakam, Dwight Fast As You KPP2-07-3
Yoakam, Dwight Fast As You SAVA17-4
Yoakam, Dwight Guitars, Cadillac's KPP02-19
Yoakam, Dwight Suspicious Minds SAVA07-2
Yoakam, Dwight Thousand Miles From Nowhere, A SAVA11-1
Yoakam, Dwight What Do You Know BS0104-12
Yoakum, Dwight Guitars, Cadillacs SAVA18-9
Young MC Bust A Move KPP10-7
Young, Faron Going Steady SAVP39-7
Young, Faron Hello Walls SAVA12-17
Young, Neil Heart Of Gold SGB44-2
Young, Neil Heart Of Gold SGB64-8
Young, Paul Oh Girl SAVP22-13
Youngbloods Get Together SGB64-6

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