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Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients...

Q.: How will my DJ be dressed?
A.: Your DJ is usually the most visible person at your event.  Your DJ show up wearing the proper attire for the occasion.
Q.: Will the DJ's equipment be of professional quality?
A.: The latest and most updated professional quality equipment available. This equipment is specially designed for DJ and Karaoke use.
Q.: What happens if the DJ has an emergency
A.: A back up DJ is available at all times in case something should happen or go wrong at the last minute.
Q.: Is your DJ equally as capable of doing Karaoke?
A.: Being a good DJ is one thing, but being able to do karaoke is another. Just having karaoke equipment is not enough. It takes a special talent to do a Karaoke party. Your DJ needs to be a person that is able to make people feel at ease enough to get up in front and participate. This is not always easy at first, but once it gets going it will be one of the highlights of the party.
Q.: How much experience do you have as a DJ.
A.: DJ and Karaoke work for over 23 years combined.. Please contact us for a list of references.
Q.: Are you the DJ or just the person selling the contract?
A.: You will talk with the person who will do your event.
Q.: What kind of music do you have?
A.: We carry over 12000 DJ titles and over 4000 karaoke song titles of all types and styles. We are able to handle over 80 % of the requests we may have. If you have special requests before hand we will make sure we have what you want.

The average set up time for a professional dj is about one to two hours.  Some venues can take over twice that amount of time where access is hindered by lack of an elevator, ramp and parking proximity.   The amount and type of equipment required for large shows can also add to the set up time.


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